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Nata 5 Perspective Pack

Perspective Learning Package providing 5 videos with step - by step narrations, instructions & explanations

NATA 5 Perspective Learning Pack 2017-18 Details

NATA 5 Perspective Learning Pack consists of 5 detailed videos explaining step - by - step construction of 1 point, 2 point, 3 point, 4 point and 5 point perspective.


COST Rs. 1800/-

NATA 5 Perspective Learning Pack Details:

Perspective Drawing is an important topic in Nata Drawing Test. This package consists of 5 Videos with complete narrations & explanations.

  1. How to Draw One Point Perspective
  2. How to Draw Two Point Perspective
  3. How to Draw Three Point Perspective
  4. How to Draw Four Point Perspective
  5. How to Draw Five Point Perspective
  • All videos are self - explanatory and no separate instructions or preparations are required.
  • After activation, candidates can access their videos from their account on the website ie. Home > My Account > My Videos

(The Video Package will be activated within 24 hours of successful order placement, completion of payment and satisfactory verification of Registration Details provided by the candidate)

Price 1800/-
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