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Que. : How to choose a good coaching class for Nata ?

Answer :

One must be very careful while choosing a Coaching Institute for NATA, as it is the first step towards your career, and must be correct. The following criteria is very important while choosing a Coaching Institute for Nata :

  1. Appropriately skilled tutors, who have experience in the field.
  2. Study Material, the resources which will help one attempt NATA better.
  3. Tutor to student ratio.
  4. Proper infrastructure to conduct Classroom Coaching.
  5. Previous Year Nata Results
  6. Expertise in the field …..Years of Experience

****** Last but not the least…..always make an informed decision……Joining an institute on recommendation of a friend is always better than a newspaper advertisement. Overhyped Marketing campaigns may fool you but a strong reference will rarely prove wrong……talk to previous year students of the institute…it is the only guarantee that the institute is really good.


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By - sonali harlalka