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Que. : What is asked in Nata Online Test ?

Answer :

Nata Exam comprises of two portions: Nata Online Test & Nata Drawing Test. Both carry equal marks ( 100 Marks ) and are equally important. The constituents of Nata Online Test or Nata Aptitude Test as it is popularly known are as under:

  • Architectural Awareness : Knowledge of Buildings of the world, both historical and contemporary , important & famous Architects. Commonly used building material based on colour & textural qualities.
  • English Comprehension : Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Colour and Colour Theory
  • Analytical Reasoning & Mental Ability Analogy Test  : Counting of figures, Mirror Image, Completion of Figures, Series Test, Classification Test, Cube & Dice Test, Formation of Figures Test, Embedded Figure Test,Paper Cutting & Folding Test, Counting of Surfaces Test etc.
  • Orthographic Projections - Visualising 3 D from 2D drawing & Visualising different sides of 3 D objects
  • Maths

Try Free Nata Online Test Demo Here. You can experience the tests yourself, which will be a better answer to your question.


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