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Cept Previous Year Papers


Q1. Draw self portrait for any one of the following

       (a) Melting

       (b) Inflatable

       (c) Construction

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CEPT SID Papers 

Ans 1. Here comes a very tricky question: The answer not only tests your portrait making skills but also judges how good you are with your imagination.

(a) Melting Portrait

Hint: Make a portrait as you have done in your practice sessions. Do it with a light hand. Then add drips of wax (you can recall a melting candle) at random places with varying lengths. The melting eye-ball and lips are points of brilliance in the figure below. After you are satisfied with the figure you can darken and render it.

(b) Inflatable

Hint: Make a normal portrait. Then imagine the face to be a balloon, inflated with air. The inflated face will have a somewhat round profile, the maximum curve around the cheeks. A relatively small body is shown so the inflation is more evident.

(c) Construction

Hint: Make a normal portrait. Then break it into different flat sections as if constructed out of stone. Notice how sharp corners accentuate the look of a stone and steal away any emotions from the face.


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