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Updated: June 21, 2020

3 Reasons why you should make a Design Portfolio? 

Your portfolio is a collection of your best pieces of work, arranged in a way to show your interests and talents as a designer. It showcases your accomplishments in the form of text & illustrations. A finely tailored portfolio is the most important tool you can bring to an interview. It will distinguish you from others with whom you are competing. It is a tool to promote yourself to prospective employers & clients

The challenge is to be able to objectively assess your strengths & accomplishments. It requires a keen sense of organization & ability to arrange written & visual materials into a unified graphic package. A good portfolio illustrates your strengths and demonstrates that you have a clear understanding of format, graphic design, concept development, problem -solving & business communication. It not only represents a body of work, it displays the work in such a way that your design skills are evident


A portfolio helps you get a foothold in the industry and provides you recognition for your work. Its an extension of your creative personality, makes the clients aware of your working style and builds your identity. So, it is the first and foremost important tool in your hand when you start your career as a designer. 


Most of the Design Colleges ask for a portfolio during the second phase or interview. The criteria is to find the candidate's talents outside of the exam preparations. What creative activities the student has undertaken till now. There is no need for any special preparation. You can display your hobbies, drawing works or any genuine creations. Be honest in your work, don't join any classes for portfolio preparation or you'll spoil your genuity.


If you are a fresher applying for a job, the employers generally ask for your works in college and internship project. Even if it has been some time in the industry, still you need a folio. There are many online platforms like Behance where

you can publish your works. Another option is to create your own website under your domain and publish your works.

A nicely assembled portfolio leaves a lasting impression on the viewer and can land you your dream job or admission in your favourite university.

About the Author: Anu Handa is an Interior Designer, DIY Artist, Co-Founder and Educator at Mosaic Institute of Design. She has been the lead blogpost writer at since 2009. Her educational background in Interior Design, Urban Planning and the English Language has given her a broad base to cover a range of topics in her articles. Anu has spent 15+ years training Design & B.Arch Aspirants for entrance exams.

Passionate about Design Education, she’s briefly worked with Annamalai University as a paper setter for Design Exams. Likes to write about Design, Architecture and related fields, on online platforms like Quora. Aims at challenging the conventional & age old teaching methodology 


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