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DOODLING : How it can make you more CREATIVE


Many people come across brilliant ideas when they are doing routine activities like driving, taking a shower or walking. Different ideas and thoughts keep on floating in our brains, no matter what activities we are doing. This happens because our subconscious mind is an inexhaustible storehouse of ideas. Ideas strike us one moment and slip away the very next. So it is important to capture that particular moment of brilliance. You can build big ideas from little ones, new from old ones. Keep a pad of paper and a pencil next to you, in your purse or bag. Its easier to access and helps in capturing spontaneous thoughts and ideas to doodle.

Doodling improves your drawing and abstract thinking ability. Its fun to do and not difficult also. Doodles don’t follow any rules. You can draw anything you wish to. It need not make any sense. Make a doodle book. Store all your ideas in it. This way you build an archive of your concepts and visuals which is a good resource for future inspiration. If you are preparing for any design / architecture entrance exam specially NID, you should start doodling right away.

Alexander Pushkins doodle

                                        This is a typical page from Alexander Pushkin’s Manuscript


Here we are sharing an exercise from our NID Classroom Coaching Programme which we run at Ahmedabad

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DOODLE EXERCISE 1 : There are some lines given in the left hand side box. You have to draw a doodle incorporating the pre – existing lines into your doodle. Doodles don’t follow any logic. Just allow yourself to be creative and have fun. To complete the doodle, you can rotate the sheet as per your conveniance. Any orientation whether horizontal or vertical, upside down or sideways is accepted.

Some of the doodles done by our students

A Racing Car


Doodling Exercise for NID

 A Hack Saw

Creative Exercise for NID

 An Elephant

Doodles for NID

An Underwater Clown 


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