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JEE B Arch Previous Year Question Paper

Anu Handa


We’ll discuss some questions from JEE Mains Paper 2 for B.Arch, Aptitude Test


The first question here tells us to....

1.  Identify the correct 3D figure from the answer figures, which has the elevation as given in the problem figure on left


To answer such questions, we should always remember,

a. 3D figures have 3 Dimensions – Length X Breadth X Height

b. A top view has 2 Dimensions – Length X Breadth

c. And an elevation also has 2 Dimensions – Height X Length / Breadth


So coming to the first question now, we can see an elevation on the left & four 3D figures on the right, out of which we have to choose one that has the elevation given on the left. 


Questions similar to the one given above come in the category of high scorers, that means probability of scoring high in minimum amount of time.

But this expertise comes after a lot of practice.


In the above question, clearly the answer is option 4

Let's see how we concluded this answer.....



Going by the process of elimination, we can see that the particular shape (marked in red above) can only be seen if we take the projections from figure 1 & 4 & not figure 2 & 3.

So, we can clearly eliminate 2nd & 3rd option.

Now we are left with 1st & 4rth option.

Clearly 4rth is the answer here, because this line (marked in blue above) will only appear in the elevation, if we take the projections from option 4 & not option 1.


So, when we draw, projections from 4rth option, we get the elevation as given in the problem figure.




The next question says.....

3D problem figure shows the view of an object. Identify the correct elevation as indicated by arrow

Here,  when we look at the 3D figure from the position of the arrow, it is very much clear that we can eliminate option 1 & option 3, simply because the circular shape in the problem figure, is not existing in option 1 & option 3


From 2nd & 4rth, 2nd is the correct option, because the 4rth option shows what is only visible in views & not elevations, that is the 3rd dimension, so clearly 2nd option is the correct option.

Also, when we take projections from the 3D figure, we get the elevation similar to the 2nd option




In the last question.........

Problem figure shows top view of an object. Identify the correct elevation amongst the answer figures

Here when we take projections & try to create an elevation from the top view, we come up with an elevation similar option 3.

So Option 3 is the correct answer.


You need to solve a lot of such questions, to gain expertise.

Keep practicing

Good Luck!!



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