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JEE Mains Paper 2 B.Plan Sample Test Paper


Hi Friends,

Here we present JEE Mains Papers 2 Mock Test Papers 2020. Attempting these papers will help you improve your score and get a good rank in JEE B.Plan. 

1. In which city of India Gol Gumbaz located ?

(a) Jaipur

(b) Bijapur

(c) Muzzafarpur

(d) Lucknow

2. Representation and communication of spatial information in the form of MAPS 

(a) Sciography

(b) Cartography

(c) Calligraphy

(d) None

3. Match the following

(a) p-2, q-4, r-1,s-3

(b) p-2, q-4, r-1,s-3

(c) q-2, p-4, r-1,s-3

(d) p-3, q-4, r-1,s-2

4. According to the recent WHO report, which city in the world is most polluted ?

(a) Zabol

(b) Gwalior

(c) Allahbad

(d) Riyadh

5. Aplace where solid waste is disposed without being compacted or covered with sand

(a) Dump

(b) Landfill

(c) Dustbin

(d) None

6. A basement of a building can't be used for the following

(a) Storage

(b) A/C Plant

(c) Parking

(d) Office

7. Total Floor Area / Plot Area

(a) FSI

(b) FAR

(c) FA

(d) None

Full Paper in Online Mode with Results & Answer Key


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