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Nid Question Paper


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In this article, we present NID Mock Test Papers for Dat Prelims - Objective Part.

Attempting these papers along with NID Previous Year Question Papers will help you improve your score and get a good rank in NID 2023.

So, let's dive in straight:


1. Identify the fielding position for a right handed batsman

(i)  Mid Off

(ii) Deep Fine Leg

(iii) Gully

(iv) Short Leg

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2. Which of the following dices is not identical to the unfolded figure shown below


3. How do solar storms effect earth ? It can cause _____________

(i)   Disruption to telecommunications & navigation systems

(ii)  Storms in Oceans

(iii) Earthquakes & Tsunamis

(iv) It does not effect earth in any way

4. _________ is nicknamed the Detroit of South Asia

(i)  Chennai

(ii)  Hyderabad

(iii) Pune

(iv) Mumbai

5. Identify the logo

(i)   IIM Ranchi

(ii)  IIM Shillong

(iii) IIM Indore

(iv) IIM Raipur

6. Few years back, high levels of __________ & _____________ were found in the leading noodle brand Maggie

(i)  Lead & Monosodium Phosphate

(ii) Lead & Monosodium Glutamate

(iii) Lead & Nicotene

(iv) Monosodium Glutamate & Ajinomoto

7. Complete the series of the problem figures by choosing the correct answer from the options given below


 8. Identify partial views of objects and match them with the correct words


(i)   Control-a, Transfer-b, Open-c, Cool-d

(ii)  Cool-a, Open-b, Transfer-c, Control-d

(iii) Open-a, Cool-b, Control-c, Transfer-d

(iv) Open-a, Control-b, Transfer-c, Cool-d

9. Reema wanted to cook a dish comprising of potatoes and brinjals. For preparing the same she peeled the skin from both the vegetables. She further took a bowl full of water and started to cut small pieces of potatoes and brinjals into the bowl. After a while she noticed that

(i) Potatoes had settled at the bottom and brinjals were floating on water

(ii) Both the vegetables were floating

(iii) Brinjals had settled at the bottom and potatoes were floating on water

(iv) Both the vegetables had settled at the bottom

10. Identify partial views of objects and match them with the correct words


(i) Punctuality-a, Styling-b, Culinary-c, Speed-d

(ii) Speed-a, Culinary-b, Styling-c, Punctuality-d

(iii) Speed-a, Styling-b, Culinary-c, Punctuality-d

(iv) Speed-a, Styling-b, Punctuality-c, Culinary-d

11. Take two similar sized books with exactly the same number of pages. Interweave the pages of the books as you do with deck of cards. Try to do in an even manner. Hold the books from their outer edges and pull apart. What will happen?


(i) The books will separate easily

(ii) The pages will tear apart

(iii) The books are inseparable

(iv) The binding will come apart

12. Identify partial views of objects and match them with the correct words


(i) Blade-a, Sharp-b, Holes-c, Vegetables-d

(ii) Sharp-a, Vegetables-b, Holes-c, Blades-d

(iii) Blade-a, Vegetables-b, Holes-c, Sharp-d

(iv) Sharp-a, Holes-b, Vegetables-c, Blades-d

13. Which colour gives a dull monotonous feel?

(i) Red

(ii) White

(iii) Black

(iv) Grey

14. Identify the animal footprints provided below


(i) Dog-a, Cat-b, Squirrel-c, Deer-d

(ii) Cat-a, Dog-b, Squirrel-c, Deer-d

(iii) Cat-a, Dog-b, Deer-c, Squirrel-d

(iv) Deer-a, Dog-b, Squirrel-c, Cat-d

15. Which colour stands for purity?

(i) Olive Green

(ii) Pink

(iii) Vermillon Red

(iv) White

16. Identify partial views of objects and match them with the correct words


(i) Pour-a, Water-b, Waste-c, Bath-d

(ii) Waste-a, Water-b, Bath-c, Pour-d

(iii) Water-a, Waste-b, Bath-c, Pour-d

(iv) Water-a, Waste-b, Pour-c, Bath-d

17. Match the colour palette with the right word

(i) Peace

(ii) Dullness

(iii) Happiness

(iv) Anger  


All 35 questions with answers - NID Sample Paper

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