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Preparing for Nata Online Test ? 5 Important Facts You Need To Know....

The Council of Architecture (COA) conducts National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA). This test measures the aptitude of the applicant for admission to First year of Five year B.Arch Degree at all recognized institutions all over India. Nata Exam consists of two parts: A Computer based online test and a paper based drawing test. The nata online test has 40 multiple choice questions and measures students aptitude for aesthetic sensitivity. Along with other topics “Architectural Awareness ” is very important if you want to score high in Nata.

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Today we will discuss 5 Important Architectural Facts related to this topic:

  1. Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) is called the Father Of Modern Architecture


Frank Lloyd Wright ( June 8, 1867 – April 9, 1959 ) was one of the most influential architects of 20th century. Some of his famous works include Falling Water ( famous for organic architecture) and Guggenheim Museum ( inspired from a seashell ).The American Architect had to his credit more than 1000 structures and 20 books. Wright believed in the philosophy of destroying the box, getting the exteriors in, diminishing the boundaries between the interiors and exteriors and building structures which were in harmony with humanity and nature.

                            Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

  1. Konark Sun Temple is also called Black Pagoda.

Konark Sun Temple was built by king Narasimhadeva I of Eastern Ganga Dynasty around 1250. In Sanskrit “Kona” means corner and “Arka” means “Sun” and is dedicated to the Sun God. The temple has been built in the shape of a gigantic chariot with 12 pairs of carved stone wheels pulled by 7 pairs of horses. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

                  The temple is called “Black Pagoda” due to its dark colour. 


  1. The Standard height of a room is 10’-0”

Anthropometry is the measurement of human body. It plays an important role in determining standard Interior & Furniture design measurements. And Anthropometry is the base for determining the Standard height of a room.


  1. Green Architecture means constructing buildings with minimum environmental pollution by efficient use of environmentally friendly systems.

Green Architecture is also called Sustainable Architecture.


  1. Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi was initially known as Viceroy House.

Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi is the official residence of President of India. It was built during the British rule by Architect Edwin Lutyens and formerly called Viceroy House.



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