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Interview with Architect Rashmi Jain


Interview with Architect Rashmi Jain


Excerpts from the interview:

About Rashmi: Rashmi Jain, Co-Founder of Mumbai based SRIJAN Architects, is a multidisciplinary Architectural, Structural and Interior design firm formed in association with Structural Er. Anil Gupta and Ar. Anushree Gupta who manage the operations from Kota office. With a vast experience and research expertise in the areas of Architecture, Interiors and planning, she addresses needs of diverse portfolio of clients. She creates – evolves – constructs brilliant and innovative ideas in the field of Architecture, Interiors and Master planning by using scientific aspects to achieve a good balance of human psychology and cognitive performance. She always strives to give customized and unique solutions, creating spaces that ensure maximum functionality using state of the art technology, climatologically aligned eco aspects that are structurally sound, economically viable and aesthetically appealing. Srijan architects has undertaken and successfully completed design and construction of a vast variety of projects spanning across Residential, Commercial, Hospitals, Institutions, Offices, Showrooms, Clinics, Landscape Gardens, destination marriage points, Traffic circles, Toll Plaza etc. throughout multiple cities in India including Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kota, Delhi, Noida etc. 

Q1. What motivated you to study Architecture? 

Rashmi: Whether it is cities or villages, human beings or animals or birds, every living creature needs shelter to live and if it is planned properly and according to their requirements, it solves many problems, and makes life easier. I always believed in continuous learning and innovative ways of analysing complex data to draw clear and simple conclusions and come up with creative ideas to improve living conditions of communities.   

Q2. How has the Architectural Industry changed over the last 20 years? 

Rashmi: The Architecture industry has evolved a lot. People now understand the importance of planning and designing. There is more and more awareness and interest among people to visualize the end product before they go on to execute. Also there is lot of focus  to ensure that space is more functional to specific needs of client. All this is aided by evolution of software tools that gives lot of flexibility in design and  customization while ensuring immersive experience for the clients as part of the design process. Further, these tools allow speed and accuracy in actual construction. Lot of design and execution innovations are happening. We are becoming more global. At the same time, we are moving away from our traditional style or vernacular architecture, leading to a different set of problems. Now we are moving towards an age of Architecture where it is not limited to designing buildings but it is designing lives of people with the help of technology.  

Q3. How is a working day in the life of Rashmi Jain? 

Rashmi: Day begins with review of design, details, drawings with the team members, followed by Site visits, Client interactions to address their queries, presenting new ideas, follow up with different agencies, unpacking ideas that's changing or shaping design and architecture today, knowing and learning about new products, technology, projects, proposals etc. In short, a working day is quite hectic and ends with  a mixed feelings of satisfaction and anxiety for something to look forward  to.

Q4. What do you love about your profession? 

Rashmi: Architecture is all about positive energy and teamwork. It is always a group of Professionals who come together to work for success, happiness, prosperity, fulfilling dreams of their clients. I feel Architects can not only dream of impossible but also make it happen! I am glad that I am pursuing what I enjoy doing, I am using latest technologies to deliver human centric designs.  

Q5. Do you have a message to the B.Arch. aspirants?  

Rashmi: New age Architecture is not only about designing and drafting building plans, it is about leveraging technology to analyse a  pile of data and come up  with innovative designs suiting specific requirements. There is lot to learn from your surroundings and modern age tools are there to help you achieve what you can dream! The purpose of architecture school is to create strong, dynamic, smart, well rounded graduates who can give shape to creative ideas. I would suggest B Arch aspirants to explore different places, technologies, software, history etc to become brilliant problem solvers with an out of box thinking attitude.


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