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Important Note: Mosaic is currently providing only eBooks, Video Packs and Online Tests for all exams. Due to lockdown of major cities, we are unable to offer Study Materials. Sale of Study Materials will resume once the lockdown opens. The eBooks provide the same content as the study material and proves to be highly beneficial to students in these trying times.

Nata Mini E-Book Pack

Nata Mini E-Book Pack
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10 E - Books for NATA 2019 preparation: Includes: 150 drawing previous year papers and 100 Nata solved drawing papers. Pack of 9 Mock GAT Papers.

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NATA Mini E - Book Pack Details 

If you have started late for NATA preparations and are tensed about the limited time you have got at hand - The NATA MINI STUDY MATERIAL E-BOOK is here for your rescue. The course content covers all the relevant topics at the same time is limited to just 10 books, helping the students prepare in a limited amount of time

FORMAT: Engaging E-Books & PDFs prepared by experts. Contains Rich Graphics, Hand Drawn Images & Illustrations for better learning & retention.


DELIVERY TIME: Instant Downloadable Study Material



VALIDITY: 12 Months

E - BOOK ACCESS ON: Can be viewed on Windows PC - Desktop & Laptop (Windows 7 & above). 

                                    Once downloaded, no internet connectivity required to access the material.



COST Rs. 3000/-

NATA E-Book 1  

Sketch Development 

This e-book  is divided in two parts: Part A deals with Drawing Basics & Part B deals with Rendering. 


  • Introduction to Drawing
  • Drawing Symmetrical Objects
  • Geometrical Forms
  • Understanding Plans & Elevations
  • Techniques in Drawing
  • Perspectives & Foreshortening


  • Rendering Portrait in Pencil
  • Rendering Portrait in Dry Pastel
  • Rendering Landscape in Pencil Colours
  • Rendering Still Object in Wax Crayons
  • Rendering Techniques
  • Light & Shadow

NATA E - Book 2

Question Bank

Contents are as follows:

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Verbal Ability

NATA E - Book 3

Perspective Drawing

This book deals with the most important topic of perspective drawing. Step-by-step diagramatic guide explaining in detail the method of perspective drawing making the complex topic seem easy. In detail explanation of 1 point, 2 point, 3 point, 4 point, 5 point & zero point perspectives with examples. Very Important for core concept building if you are preparing for Nata.

NATA E - Book 4

Architectural Encyclopedia

Introduction to building materials,

Glass, Wood and wood based products, Paints, Brick, Plastering, Stone, Floor Finishes, Cement
Metals, Others

Doors and Windows, Brick Masonary / Stone Masonary, Carpentary Joints, Staircase, Pitched or Sloping Roofs, Lintels and Arches

Famous Architects and their Works

NATA E - Book 5

History of World Architecture

Brief history of Indian and Western Architecture with emphasis on Important Buidings: Construction Styles, Material used, Location, Architects and the patrons.

NATA E - Book 6

Prominent Buildings of the World - I

Country wise Tabular List of all important buildings of the world, location, Architects etc. To be studied in reference with the CD provided.

NATA E - Book 7

Architectural Awareness

More than 2000 pics on Architectural Awareness

Details and pictures of over 2000 buildings - Location, Material Used & Architects, Historical & contemporary buildings (Indian & Western), Awareness of Architectural History, Introduction to History of World Architecture, Awareness of persons, places, Buildings Materials. Identifying commonly used materials & objects based on their colour & textural qualities.

NATA E - Book 8

Test Papers - Nata

Collection of Nata previous year question papers - drawing part
- Includes 100 original Nata test papers.
( These are not Mock Test or Sample papers but original Nata Test Papers.)

NATA E - Book 9

Nata Solved Papers - Drawing

Includes 50 original Nata exam papers with answers for Nata 2018 exam - drawing part.

NATA E - Book 10

Nata Mock General Aptitude Test Papers with answers

Includes 9 mock General Aptitude Test Papers of Nata with solutions.

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