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NID B.Des. Mini E-Book Pack

NID B.Des. Mini E-Book Pack
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Brief but comprehensive material: 5 E-Books for NID 2018 B.Design DAT Prelims preparation Includes 8 NID previous year papers & 15 solved mock test papers of NID - Section B.

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NID B.Des 2018 MINI E-Book Pack Details 

The E-Book can be downloaded instantly after activation! So yo can start your preparation right away.

FORMAT: Engaging E-Books & PDFs prepared by experts. Contains Rich Graphics, Hand Drawn Images & Illustrations for better learning & retention.

TARGET EXAM: NID / MIT / Srishti / DJ Academy / Symbiosis

DELIVERY TIME: Instant Downloadable Study Material



VALIDITY: 12 Months

VIDEO RUNS ON: Works on both Mobile Phone & Tablet having Android Version 4.4.2 & above.

                           Once downloaded, no internet connectivity required to access the material.


COST Rs. 2500/-

NID E-Book 1  

Sketch Development 

The first half of the E-Book deals with drawing basics & the second half introduces the candidates to rendering techniques & different mediums of rendering like dry pastels, pencil colours, wax crayons & the pencils. The stress is more on using dry mediums as they are less time consuming in the NID exam. 

NID E-Book 2

How to draw Humans

The second E-Book is entirely designed to crack Section B of NID DAT Prelims. As the name suggests, this comprehensive E- Book covers mostly all aspects of Human Figure Drawing. Contents are as follows:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Proportions & Backgrounds
  • Action Figures
  • How to draw Human Face
  • Head Study from Different Angles
  • Depicting Age
  • Expressions & Emotions

NID E-Book 3

Creativity Enhancement

Creativity & Observation skills are most sought after, by the examiners of any Design Competitive Exam. NID Exam also tests the unique thinking pattern of the candidates. This E-Book contains a list of brain exercises & activities, that help in increasing your creative & observation skills.

NID E-Book 4

NID B.Des. exam papers for DAT Prelims

This book is a collection of NID B.Des DAT Prelims test papers – 8 Nos.

These are not Sample papers or Mock Test papers but original NID test Papers.

NID E-Book 5

NID B.Des Solved Mock Test Papers for Section B

Includes 15 NID Mock Test Papers - Solved papers for Section B
(The last 2 paper sets will only be activated after recieval of NID Candidate ID 

at Mosaic Institute Of Design office or by mail at

Price 2500/-
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