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NIFT B.Design Mini Study Material

NIFT B.Design Mini Study Material

Brief but comprehensive material: 5 books for NIFT B.Design 2025 preparation. Including 5 original Nift exam papers and 5 solved papers of NIFT CAT.

Nift B.Design MINI Study Material - B.Design

Started late for Nift B.Design preparations and are tensed about the limited time you have got at hand - This nift entrance material is here for your rescue. The course content covers all the relevant topics at the same time is limited to just 5 books, helping the students prepare in a limited amount of time.


COST Rs. 3000/-

1. Book 1 - Sketch Development - I

This book is for students, new to the world of drawing and design. It starts with the very basic concepts and gradually helps the students build their skills. This book includes the following topics: Drawing Basics – How to draw and render, Light and Shade, Perspective & Foreshortening and Design Theory

2. Book 2 – How to draw Humans

The second book deals with the subject of human anatomy. The step – by – step method given in the book helps the student master the subjects easily. The main topics in the book are:

  • Human Body
  • Parts of Body like face, nose, eyes, ears – all views
  • Poses & Postures
  • Stick Figures
  • Croquis Drawing
  • Detailed Figures
3. Book 3 – Creativity Enhancement

Creativity is a mysterious trait & inherent in all humans. The exercises given in the book helps the student explore their creative side. The book contains the following topics:

  • Are you Right-Brained or Left-Brained?
  • What is Creativitiy?
  • How To Increase Your Creative Power,
  • Step by step method helping you increase your creative power and imagination with the help of exercises tasks & Doodle drawing.
4.  Nift B.Design Book 4 - Nift exam papers ( B.Design ) 

This book is a collection of Nift B.Design test papers – 5 Nos.

These are not Sample papers or Mock Test papers but original Nift B.Design test Papers.

5. NIFT Book 5 - NIFT Solved Papers

Includes 5 original NIFT CAT test papers with answers for NIFT B.Design exam.

Book 5 is in PDF Format & can't be printed

PDF ACCESS ON: Can be viewed on Windows PC - Desktop & Laptop (Windows 7 & above). 

                            Once downloaded, no internet connectivity required to access the material.


Note:  Some books are by famous authors & publishers of India




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