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NIFT M.Design-Study Material

NIFT M.Design-Study Material

7 detailed books for NIFT M.Design 2025 preparation Includes original Nift previous year papers.

NIFT M.Design Study Material details

This package covers both the exams Cat & Gat for the first phase of Nift M.Design : 8 books including Nift M.Design previous year papers.


COST Rs. 4000/-

1. NIFT Book 1

Sketch Development - I

This book introduces the student to drawing and design basics and gradually advances to complex topics. A must have book if you are just a beginner. It helps the students build their drawing skills, at the same time provides them with a lot of practice exercises. This book deals with the following topics:

  • Drawing Basics – How to draw and render
  • Design Theory: Elements of Design
                           Principles of Design    
  • Basics of a good composition      
  • Colour Theory
  • Perspective & Foreshortening
  • Light and Shade

2.  NIFT Book 2 

How to draw Humans
Human body drawing is quite an interesting and challenging subject for NIFT aspirants. This book incorporates step – by – step method of drawing human body and body parts. Emphasis has been laid on drawing correct human poses and postures. For this a detailed portion deals with stick figures, croquis drawing and detailed figures.

3. NIFT Book 3 

Drawing Bank

This drawing bank contains a collection of sketches helpful for students. They can take reference for their drawing works, practice a variety of subjects like animals, birds, fruits & vegetables, tools, musical instruments, household objects, vehicles, trees, still object compositions & improve their works.

4. NIFT Book 4 

Creativity Enhancement

This book helps students in exploring their creative side.Contains the following topics: Are you Right-Brained or Left-Brained? What is Creativitiy? How To Increase Your Creative Power, Step by step method helping you increase your creative power and imagination with the help of exercises tasks & Doodle drawing.

5. NIFT Book 5

Question Bank

Contains 200 + Problems with ANSWERS on

  • Analytical Reasoning & Mental Ability
  • Orthographic Projections
6NIFT Book 6 

Question Bank II

Book on Maths covers topics on quantitative ability: Square, square root, cube root, Average, Simplification, Fraction & Decimal Fraction, Time & Distance, Problem on Trains, Boats & Streams, Time & Work, Problems on Ages, Percentage, Simple Interest & Compound Interest, Profit & Loss, Mensuration, Ratio & Proportion, Probability, Permutations & Combinations, Exponents, Number System.

7. NIFT Book 6 - Test Papers – NIFT M.Design

Collection of past NIFT M.Design test papers including

CAT – Creative Ability Test
GAT – General Ability Test

These are not Mock Test or Sample papers but original NIFT M.Design test Papers

8. General Ability Test

Book on
- Quantitative Ability
- Communication Ability
- English Comprehension
- Analytical & Logical Ability
- G.K. & current Affairs



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