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NID M.Des Drawing Human Anatomy Pack

Includes 9 Online Coaching Videos that help you prepare for NID M.Des Dat Prelims Section B. Includes supportive E-Books.

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NID Online Coaching  Pack "Drawing Human Anatomy" for DAT Prelims

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COST Rs. 1250/-


Human figure Drawing poses technical challenges that are absent with other subjects. Students who are brilliant with other drawing forms like landscapes, still life, may also make mistakes in drawing the human figure. This pack introduces the student to a series of tricks & techniques. With regular practice the students gain confidence and become a skilled artist in figure drawing. A must buy pack if you are preparing for NID.                

1. Human Anatomy

2. Proportions & Backgrounds

3. Action Figures

4. How to Draw Human Face - Front View

5. How to Draw Human Face - Side View

6. How to Draw Human Face - 3/4 View

7. Human Face from Different Angles

8. Depicting Age

9. Expressions & Emotions


FORMAT: Online Video Coaching by experts. Engaging Video Lessons supported by easy to understand study material ( E-Books & PDFs). Rich Animations for better learning & retention.

TARGET EXAM: NID / MIT / Srishti / DJ Academy / Symbiosis

DELIVERY TIME: Instant Downloadable Videos & Study Material



VALIDITY: 12 Months

VIDEO RUNS ON: Works on both Mobile Phone & Tablet having Android Version above 4.4.2

                            Once downloaded, no internet connectivity required to access videos & learning material.


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