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IIT AAT Full E-Book Pack

IIT AAT Full E-Book Pack


AAT Preparations with Mosaic eBooks


Exhaustive material compiled in 12 E-Books. Instant Download on Registration. Saves Delivery Time....Light on your Pocket.....Environment Friendly!

Bonus: Free Access to 5 AAT Preparation Video Packs containing 48 videos.

AAT Full E - Book Pack Details  

FORMAT Engaging E-Books & PDFs prepared by experts. Contains Rich Graphics, Hand Drawn Images & Illustrations for better learning & retention.
DELIVERY TIME Instant Downloadable Study Material
VALIDITY 12 Months

Can be viewed on Windows PC - Desktop & Laptop (Windows 7 & above).                        Once downloaded, no internet connectivity required to access the material.

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AAT eBook Contents


AAT eBook 1


This ebook introduces AAT Aspirants to the Brief History of Indian and Western Architecture with emphasis on Important Buidings: Construction Styles, Material used, Location, Architects and the Patrons. It's a journey through time looking at how buildings & structures existed during different cultures. From ancient Pyramids to modern Skyscrapers, every era has its own unique styles & techniques & they also influence, how we build today. This eBook helps in preparing for AAT Architectural Awareness Section.

AAT eBook 2


Country wise Tabular List of all Important Buildings of the world, location, Architects etc. To be studied in reference with the AAT Architectural Awareness eBook. Think of these buildings like superstars in the world of Architecture. They are the ones that stand out and make people go "wow!" From the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the Taj Mahal in India, these buildings are landmarks that tell stories about different places & cultures. This eBook helps in preparing for AAT Architectural Awareness Section. 

AAT eBook 3


Country wise Tabular List of all important buildings of the world, location, Year of Construction, Architects etc. To be studied in reference with the AAT Architectural Awareness eBook. These are famous buildings that people all around the world know about. They're like celebrities in the architecture world because they are so impressive & unique. Learning about them can feel like going on a virtual tour of the coolest places on Earth!! This eBook helps in preparing for AAT Architectural Awareness Section. 

AAT eBook 4


Details and pictures of over 2000 buildings - Location, Material Used & Architects, Historical & contemporary buildings (Indian & Western), Awareness of Architectural History, Introduction to History of World Architecture, Awareness of persons, places, Buildings Materials. Identifying commonly used materials & objects based on their colour & textural qualities. Exploring these famous buildings can be like going on an adventure around the world without leaving your seat!! This eBook helps in preparing for AAT Architectural Awareness Section.

AAT eBook 5


Introduction to building materials,

Glass, Wood and wood based products, Paints, Brick, Plastering, Stone, Floor Finishes, Cement, Metals, Others

Doors and Windows, Brick Masonary / Stone Masonary, Carpentary Joints, Staircase, Pitched or Sloping Roofs, Lintels and Arches

GLOSSARY OF ARCHITECTURAL TERMS: Architectural terms are special words that Architects & designers use to talk about buildings. For example, "facade" is the face of the building and "foundation" is the strong base it sits on. Other terms might describe different parts of a building.

FAMOUS ARCHITECTS AND THEIR WORKS: Architects are the creative masterminds behind the coolest buildings you know. Just like famous artists have their masterpieces, architects have their amazing buildings. For Example, Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Fallingwater house, and Louis Kahn who made our very own IIM Ahmedabad. Learning about these architects & their works is like discovering the superheroes of the building world!! This eBook helps in preparing for AAT Architectural Awareness Section. 

AAT eBook 6


This ebook deals with the most important topic of perspective drawing. Step-by-step diagramatic guide explaining in detail the method of perspective drawing making the complex topic seem easy. In detail explanation of 1 point, 2 point, 3 point, 4 point, 5 point & zero point perspectives with examples. Very Important for core concept building if you are preparing for AAT.

Perspective Drawings make a picture look real & 3D, just like the world around you. They show how things look smaller when they are farther away. Imagine standing on a long road - the cars near you look big, but the ones far away look tiny. That's perspective! This ebook helps the candidate prepare for AAT 3D Perception Section. 

AAT eBook 7


This ebook is very useful as it helps the student with drawing and design basics, it gradually advances to complex topics. If you are new to drawing or trying your hand after a long time, this is a must have ebook for you. The drawing exercises provide the much needed practice & lays a strong foundation for the student. This ebook contains the following topics:

Drawing Basics: How to draw and render
Design Theory: Elements of Design, Principles of Design
Basics of a good composition
Colour Theory
Perspective & Foreshortening
Light and Shade 

AAT eBook 8


Human body drawing is quite an interesting and challenging subject for AAT aspirants. This ebook incorporates step - by - step method of drawing human body and body parts. Emphasis has been laid on drawing correct human poses and postures. For this a detailed portion deals with stick figures, croquis drawing and detailed figures.

Don't worry, if you are feeling a little intimidated - drawing humans is easier than you think! With a few simple techniques, a dash of patience and a sprinkle of imagination, you can be well on your way to creating lifelike characters that leap of the page. Throughout the book, you'll discover, step-by-step tutorials & helpful tips to guide you on your journey. Let's dive in and start sketching, one human at a time! This ebook helps the candidate prepare for AAT Drawing Test. 

AAT eBook 9


After the student is clear with the drawing basics, he / she requires consistent practice. This ebook provides a collection of sketches which can be referred for drawing work practice. Contains a variety of subjects like animals, birds, fruits & vegetables, tools, musical instruments, household objects, vehicles, trees, still object compositions - helping the students improve their works.

AAT eBook 10


This ebook helps students in exploring their creative side. Contains the following topics: Are you Right-Brained or Left-Brained? What is Creativitiy? How To Increase Your Creative Power, Step by step method helping you increase your creative power and imagination with the help of exercises tasks & Doodle drawing.

Creativity isn't just about painting masterpieces. It's also about embracing your unique perspective & expressing yourself in whatever way feels right to you. get ready to dive into a world of imagination, innovation and endless possibilities as we journey together to enhance your creative superpowers! This ebook helps the candidate prepare for AAT Drawing Test. 

AAT eBook 11


Contains 200 + Problems with ANSWERS on

Analytical Reasoning & Mental Ability
Orthographic Projections

AAT eBook 12


-This eBook is divided into two parts: The first part deals with Colour & the second part deals with Design.

AAT eBook 13


Collection of AAT previous year question papers. Includes 8 original AAT papers. (These are not Mock Test or Sample papers but original AAT Test Papers.)

BONUS - 14


Free access to 5 AAT Video Packs containing more than 50 Videos:

1. AAT Basics of a Good Composition Pack

2. AAT Drawing Basics Pack

3. AAT 5 Perspective Pack

4. AAT Colour Theory Pack

5. AAT Architectural Awareness Pack

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