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NID B.Des. Test Series E-Book

NID B.Des. Test Series E-Book

Contains: 20 original NID previous year question papers, 15 solved NID mock test papers for Section B, 6 Mock Papers for Section A, 50 GK questions with answers & 100 GK MCQs with solutions

NID B.Des Test Series E-Book Details 

FORMAT: Engaging E-Books & PDFs prepared by experts. Contains Rich Graphics, Hand Drawn Images & Illustrations for better learning & retention.

TARGET EXAM: NID / MIT / Srishti / DJ Academy / Symbiosis

DELIVERY TIME: Instant Downloadable Study Material



VALIDITY: 12 Months

E - BOOK ACCESS ON: Can be viewed on Windows PC - Desktop & Laptop (Windows 7 & above). 

                                    Once downloaded, no internet connectivity required to access the material.


NID Test Series FOR B.Des. DAT 

COST Rs. 2250/-

1. NID E-Book 1

NID B.Des DAT Prelims Original Test Papers

This book is a collection of 20 original NID previous year question papers for B.Design DAT Prelims. This is to clarify that these are not Mock Test or Sample papers but original NID Papers.

2. NID E-Book 2


Includes 425+ Solved Questions from NID B.Des Original Papers

3. NID E-Book 3

NID B.Des DAT Prelims Solved Mock Test Papers for Section B

Includes 15 NID solved papers ( Mock Test series ) based on Section B of DAT Prelims - 30 Mark Format.

4NID E-Book 4

NID B.Des DAT Prelims Solved Mock MCQ Test for Section A

Contains pack of 6 tests, each including 35 multiple choice questions. The tests contain multiple choice objective type questions based on new paper style of NID DAT Prelims - Section A comprising of 70 marks. These questions are designed to test the candidate's knowledge on G.K. analytical ability, observation etc. Maximum marks for each online test is 70.

5. NID E-Book 5

NID B.Des DAT Prelims GK & Current Affairs Questions with Answers

Includes 50 GK and current Affairs Questions with solutions to prepare the student for NID DAT Prelims Section A  

6. NID E-Book 6

NID B.Des DAT Prelims GK MCQs with Solutions

Includes 100 GK MCQs with Solutions to prepare the student for NID DAT Prelims Section A