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At Mosaic, we held a survey amongst students who purchased Mosaic Study Material for exam preparation

Here are the results:

RESULTS of Satisfaction Survey

Held with Genuine Buyers who purchased Mosaic Material

nata book reviews

Ques. Do you think Mosaic Study Material helped you in Exam Preparation?

Ans. More than 94% voted for "YES"

Nata Study Material Reviews

Ques. Would you recommend Mosaic Study Material & eBooks to others?

Ans. More than 87% voted for "YES"

NATA Testimonials

Read what our students say about NATA Preparation at Mosaic, their testimonials, feedback, reviews, opinions & comments. Are they happy & satisfied with NATA Entrance Preparation at Mosaic Institute of Design?

"Mosaic Institute Of Design has helped me discover my hidden creativity and develop my interest for architecture & design . The teaching process is very good and propagates self - exploration rather than enforcement of ideas. Activities like live outdoor sketching helps a lot in understanding the activities and spaces around us. The study material is very informative and covers everything required for any design / architecture entrance exam."
Sejal Vasani
Nata Score - 130
CEPT ( B.Arch) Rank - 1
CEPT SID Rank - 15
Sejal took Admission in CEPT (B.Arch ) Ahmedabad

"At Mosaic it was best experience of my student life - With tremendous help from Mosaic & my hard work I have reached my goal. The study material gives A to Z knowledge for our exams. Faculties are very kind & helpful. Thank you very much Mosaic".
Gitesh Gupta
Nata Score - 131
CEPT ( B.Arch) Rank - 1
CEPT SBST Rank - 8
CEPT B.Plan Rank - 4
Gitesh took Admission in CEPT (B.Arch ) Ahmedabad

"Study material provided is perfect solution for the online exams."

Pal Parekh

Nata Score - 127
CEPT SID Rank - 17

Pal took Admission in CEPT ( SID ) Ahmedabad

"It was a great decision to choose Mosaic over other institutes. Teaching is good, study material provided is excellent. From the knowledge I have gained over here I have grown to my full potential."
Nata Score - 126

"A very good and appropriate atmosphere to prepare for the entrance . Mosaic provides a platform where creativity blossoms."

-Priyanka Awatramani

Nata Score - 119

CEPT ( SBST ) Rank - 1
CEPT ( B.Plan) Rank - 9
Priyanka took Admission in CEPT (B.Arch ) Ahmedabad

"Mosiac Institute Of Design is one of the best learning place for design / architecture entrance. We get thorough & deep knowledge in a disciplined and systematic manner by well experienced faculties. I am really thankful to MOSAIC for giving me this wonderful experience of learning which only led to my admission in School of Interior Design in CEPT University. And for that all the credit goes to the one and only - MOSAIC!!! I am indebted greatly to MOSAIC for the excellent study material provided. Thanks a lot to MOSAIC"

Khushbu Patel
Nata Score - 118
CEPT ( SID) Rank - 6
CEPT ( SBST) Rank - 18
Khushbu took Admission in CEPT (SID) Ahmedabad

"Very good teaching methodology proper & precise material."

Deep Shah
Nata Score - 116
CEPT ( SID) Rank - 5
CEPT ( SBST) Rank - 1
CEPT ( B.Arch ) Rank - 4
CEPT ( B.Plan ) Rank - 5
Deep took Admission in CEPT (SBST) Ahmedabad

"I really like this Institute. After coming here, my drawing skills have increased."

Yashdeep Ahluwalia

Nata Score - 113

“Study Material - Bookwise topics are well divided and the Question Bank is very helpful.

On MOSAIC - All the expected questions were cleared properly and the staff was also helpful and supportive.”

Chandni Nathani

Nata Score - 112
CEPT ( SBST ) Rank - 1

Chandni took Admission in CEPT ( SBST ) Ahmedabad

"Just want to thank MOSAIC for bringing out the best in us with hardwork and preservance. Love the feedback we get in every drawing we do."

Radhika Modi

Nata Score - 110
CEPT ( SBST ) Rank - 5

CEPT ( B.Plan ) Rank - 20
CEPT SID Rank - 8
Radhika took Admission in CEPT ( SID ) Ahmedabad

"Mosaic Institute Of Design is one of those places where learning truly meets fun. Creativity is the soul of the place. You step into the studio and your mind automatically change gears to creation. The studio is an exciting fusion of colors and shapes with a cool and comfortable atmosphere which automatically induces creativity. It is very conveniently located in the heart of the city.The Study Material provided to us is like the Bible of Design. It is marvelously compiled and wonderfully planned which guarantees success. That is all that can be said the rest has to be experienced..."

Rushabh Gandhi
Nata Score - 108
CEPT SBST Rank - 17
CEPT SID Rank - 2
Rushabh took Admission in CEPT ( SBST ) Ahmedabad

"I am from Unjha, Gujarat. It has been a wonderful experience in MOSAIC. Nice teaching. Really impressed by MOSAIC."

Vivek Panchal

Nata Score - 108
CEPT ( SBST ) Rank - 35

Vivek took Admission in CEPT ( SBST ) Ahmedabad

"Mosaic has been a great help for me. It seems as if it has been the best decision of my life to join MOSAIC. The teachers here are well – educated and have great knowledge about the subject. If I get into CEPT, more than 80% of the credit goes to Mosaic & my faculties."

Shivani Vaid

Nata Score - 108
CEPT ( B.Plan ) Rank - 25
CEPT SBST Rank - 4
Shivani took Admission in CEPT ( B.Plan ) Ahmedabad

"Mosaic the name itself inspires confidence to get through any entrance exam. The thing that I like the most about this place - The faculties provide equal attention to each and every student."

Kviza Samani
Nata Score - 106

"For a beginner, Mosaic has been very helpful & has provided thorough in depth knowledge of all aspects needed. It has helped me improve greatly & do better drawings through its visual aids. Teamwork, observation power, creativity of mine has been enriched."

Aakanksha Rebello

Nata Score - 106
CEPT ( SBST ) Rank - 8
CEPT SID Rank - 31

CEPT B.Plan Rank - 22
Aakanksha took Admission in CEPT ( SBST ) Ahmedabad

"Mosaic is a very good institute as compared to others because here personal attention is given to each & every student & guided accordingly. The study material provided has proved to be very useful for preparing for such entrances."

Kanishka Khanna
Nata Score - 105
CEPT ( B.Arch ) Rank - 12
CEPT ( B.Plan ) Rank - 8
Kanishka took Admission in CEPT ( B.Plan ) Ahmedabad

"Mosaic is the best institute as compared to others. The study material provided covers the entire course & is easy to understand also."

Prachi Patel
Nata Score - 105

"I like the way faculties teach us. Learning is fun here."

Udit Parekh
Nata Score - 103
Udit took Admission in CEPT ( SID ) Ahmedabad

"I really like the study material provided by Mosaic Institute of Design."

Ankita Badwal
Nata Score - 102
AIEEE (B.Arch) State Rank - 2
All India Rank - 84
Ankita took Admission in S.P.A. (B.Arch) Delhi

"Mosaic is the only class in Ahmedabad which provides me with genuine guidance for my studies and helps me in my career. My Drawing Skills have improved after joining MOSAIC."

Thank you MOSAIC.

Vikas Patel

Nata Score - 100
CEPT ( SBST ) Rank - 51

Vikas took Admission in CEPT ( SBST ) Ahmedabad