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As the Registration process for NATA starts, so is the search for Nata previous year question papers by Nata Aspirants. Be it from the internet, books or study material, candidates start acquiring as many Nata Exam Papers , as possible. Nata exam is conducted in two parts : Nata Online Test & Nata Drawing Test. Nata Online Test consists of 40 multiple choice questions and the Drawing Test contains 3 questions.

There is nothing wrong in solving Nata question papers. This process proves to be quite useful as it helps the candidate get familiar with the Nata paper style. The papers with their variety of questions provide the students with lots of practice :  much needed before the exams. But solving the papers alone, doesn’t suffice. Learning the techniques of drawing and understanding the core concepts is what helps in the long run. Some of them include:

  • Perspective Drawing
  • Principles of Composition
  • 2D and 3D Drawing
  • Light and Shadow
  • Development of patterns and Logos
  • Rendering Skills
  • Colour Combinations

Mosaic Institute of Design covers full syllabus of Nata Online Test and Nata Drawing Test, provides Classroom and Postal coaching for Nata.

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