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NID 2018 Question Paper


Hello Friends,

Mosaic Institute of Design presents a solved drawing question from NID 2018 Dat Prelims paper.

Before, we start with the solutions......

Some things to keep in mind while answering NID Entrance Drawing Questions:

  • Drawing questions are subjective in nature ie. there can be "n" number of answers for the same question and all can be correct. Which answer gets the maximum marks, depends upon a number of factors including the examiners discretion.
  • The candidate should try to show his/her creativity & unique thinking skills through the answer.
  • While attempting the drawing question, the candidate should spare 1-2 minutes to understand the question properly.
  • The 'pattern' or the 'number of drawing questions' being asked in the exam is not fixed. 

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Let's solve the drawing question from NID 2018 Dat Prelims Exam

The question is as under:

Ques. "Ajay loved spending time gardening with his grandmother when he was a child. He remembers, once when he was 8 years old, by mistake he planted a seed of Corn along with a seed of Pea. Next morning when he went to the spot what he saw there was simply beyond his imagination. He still has the drawing of what grew on that spot. He felt amazed looking at the drawing of what he saw and wondered whether it was just his imagination or it actually happened."

Draw the drawing mentioned in the above paragraph.

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Ans. Lets re-read the question and understand what exactly is being asked in the question: Focus on the words - "Beyond his imagination" & "Wondered whether it was just his imagination or it actually happened."

This is not just a regular drawing question.

The student is expected to be as imaginative & creative as possible.

The examiner is not looking for stereotyped answers here.

You can take him to a funny, scary or even evil roller-coaster ride with you.

The only rule is to break all rules! You can be can be weird.

Its your canvas - you can paint your own story. 


Here's our answer:

Ajay saw something which was simply beyond his imagination.....


It could be something hilarious, or ridiculous or something tragic.

But one thing is sure......



To answer this question......

Lets bring to life the PEA & CORN characters


Lets take a garden background & provide characters to Corn & Pea plants.

Pea characters rowing a boat....

Hiding in their skin...


Happy Peas...

And Peas dancing with Corn......


This is just one version of the answer.



The above drawing is just one version of the many possible outcomes.

You can have your own fun versions or sad versions or the fairy tale version

The only criteria is that it can't be predictable.

If your ideas are same as others, your chances to score go down.

Don't draw the first thing that comes to your mind.

Take a minute or 2 before starting to draw.

Think how you can present your ideas differently.

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Passionate about Design Education, she likes to write about Design, Architecture and related fields on online platforms. Aims at challenging the conventional & age old teaching methodology.

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