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NID Question Paper for M.Des Students


Hello Friends,

This article aims to assist students preparing for NID M.Des. DAT. Today, we solve some questions from NID M.Des. previous year papers. Here comes the first question:

Ques. A picture of a devil is provided. Also five empty frames are provided.

           Attempt any one of the following    

  • In the frames provided above, make the devil dance, step by step from sitting position.
  • In the frames provided above, make the devil stand upside down, step by step from standing position.
  • In the frames provided above, make the devil laugh, step by step from angry expression.

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 Answering part (c) of the above question

See, how easy it was to make the dreaded devil laugh. Its all about learning to recognize and draw the various facial expressions. If you want, you can take help from the video pack: Drawing Human Anatomy

Note: The above question is from NID Animation Design Papers and is memory based.


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