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Nid Sample Papers


Hi Friends,

Here we present NID Mock Papers for NID Aspirants. Attempting these papers along with NID Previous Year Papers will help you improve your score and get a good rank in NID 2020. For more free NID Papers, visit NID Question Paper

1. Which of the following rivers flow into the Bay of Bengal

(i) Narmada

(ii) Tapi

(iii) Mahi

(iv) Ganga

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2. Understand the relationship between a & b. Choose the missing figure from the options given such that a similar relationship is established between c & d

3. Observe the given drawn objects and find out the incorrect version

(i)    ( e )

(ii)   ( b )

(iii)  ( c )

(iv)  ( a ) 

4. Observe the given drawn objects and find out the incorrect version

(i)    ( c )

(ii)   ( d )

(iii)  ( b )

(iv)  ( a )

5. Why is 10: 10 default setting for clocks & watches in advertisments across the world

(i) Hands are kept from overlapping

(ii) Position looks nice as it is symmetrical & generally shows manufacturers logo

(iii) Hands look like a smile or "V" as in victory

(iv) All of the above

6. Identify the non mango variety

(i)   Alphonso

(ii)  Kesar

(iii) Totapuri

(iv) Quinoa

7.  Identify the missing letters

(i)   QHK

(ii)  FHK

(iii) XHK

(iv) WEK

8.  Red Sandalwood Smuggling is associated with which Indian state

(i)   Tamil Nadu

(ii)  Andhra Pradesh

(iii)  Karnataka

(iv) Orissa

9. Identify the personality

(i)   Kasturba Gandhi

(ii)  Vijay Lakshmi Pandit

(iii) Madam Cama

(iv) Annie Besant

10. Which type of soil is best for growing cotton ?

(i)   Black Soil

(ii)  Alluvial Soil

(iii) Red & Laterite Soils

(iv) All of the Above

11. What primary colours are used in printing?

(i)   RGB

(ii)  RYB

(iii) CMYK

(iv) None of the above

12. Choose the figure which is not similar to the other figures

(i)   1

(ii)  2

(iii) 3

(iv) 4

13. A sheet of paper is folded & cut in the given steps. Select the correct answer from the options given below which resembles the pattern paper acquires when it is unfolded

14. Which of the following materials can emit Radiation

(i)   Water

(ii)  Wood

(iii)  Granite

(iv)  Plastics

15. Choose the correct mirror image of the problem figure from the options given below

16. Absence of ventillators in modern buildings, affect

(i)   Temperature

(ii)  Humidity

(iii) Freshness of Air

(iv) All of the Above

17. For what was this personality famously known for ?

(i)   Independence Activist

(ii)  Singer

(iii)  Scientist

(iv)  Painter

18. Online recharge platform Freecharge was acquired by ________ in the year 2015

(i)  Amazon

(ii) Flipkart

(iii) Snapdeal

(iv) E-Bay


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