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NID Studio Test 2018


According to common knowledge, NID B.Des. Studio Test mainly comprises of model making & material handling. But in reality, it also focuses on another set of tests which have not been discussed much before.....



More About the Tests - Outside information comes to our brain through the five senses ie. eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue. These tests measure a candidate's observation or awareness skills, the quality and quantity of information that can be grasped by the candidate in a limited period of time throgh these 5 senses. The observation levels vary among individuals. This variation is a result of disparity in the levels of alertness from person to person. 

Some Examples of the Tests

  • Testing Sense of Smell 
  • Testing Sense of Touch 
  • Testing Sense of Hearing
  • Testing Sense of Vision



We, at MOSAIC, with the help of our expert faculties, have developed 9 short tests available in the form of videos. These tests are self explanatory, timed appropriately and designed on the pattern of previous year papers. These tests assess a candidates visual and hearing skills. A sample of these tests is shown in the video above.



So, what happens during the tests?

A candidate has to listen to an audio or may be shown a video clipping for a minute and then he/she is to answer a series of questions based on them. You can be given a clip to listen. You have to identify that voice and also write some comments on what you have heard. Same with the video. In order to attempt the mock tests, you don’t need to prepare for anything in particular. You will not be asked anything that you have not encountered in day-to-day life. But remember, at times, we are so engrossed in our routine lives, that we actually forget to notice what is happening around us. Just be more AWARE. Pay more attention to your surroundings. Notice what is happening around. You can try this small exercise daily in different surroundings. Be persistent until it becomes a habit.




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