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Mosaic announces Video Coaching Pack for NID Dat Main preparation for students who have cleared NID DAT Prelims 2020. Offering NID Studio Test - Mock Audio Visual Test for NID B.Des/GDPD. The mock audio visual tests assess a candidates visual and hearing skills. We, at MOSAIC, with the help of our experts, have developed short tests available in the form of videos: these tests are self explanatory, timed appropriately and designed on the pattern of previous years papers. The B.Des package contains 9 videos, designed on the pattern of questions asked in actual NID Studio Test

NID DAT MAINS for M.Design 2020

The DAT Mains for this programme consists of two parts:


This may consist of tests in different formats such as drawing/sketching, hands-on model making, group discussions etc. This test will be marked out of 100 points and will be conducted in English.

  • 3-D model making - It involves making of 3-D models using the given materials such as clay, wire, string, different kinds of paper, thermacol, cloth etc. Practice working in the above materials. You can be given clay & asked to make an object with or without watching it. You are judged on the basis of your aesthetic appeal, creative and clever manipulation of given materials and an appropriate theme. It is advisable to spend first few minutes of the given time in thinking and drawing a rough sketch of your idea. Decide what is to be done first and what at last. Also carry some stationeries along with you like-pair of scissors, paper cutter, sharpened pencils, compass, fevicol with nosel, quick-fix, blue/black ball point pen, sand paper etc.
  • Thematic/psychometric test - This test is based on your observation and presence of mind. You might be shown some object for a minute and you have to draw in details what you have observed. The time limit may be 1minute-10 minutes.
  • Audio / visual test - A candidate has to listen to an audio or may be shown a video clipping for a minute and then he/she is to answer a series of questions based on them. You can be given a clip to listen .You have to identify that voice and also write some comments on what you have heard. It can be common household noise eg. sound produced by zip, flush, phone etc. Same with the video.
  • Sketching test - This will test your 3D object understanding, imagination, visualisation and line quality.
  • Pschychological test - Commonly known as doodles - some incomplete, vague lines are given. The candidate is supposed to add more lines to make a new composition/ idea/ pattern.


The interviews will be conducted separately for each discipline, immediately after the Studio Test,at the same centre. 

What is an Interview ?
It is a face to face conversation between the candidate and interviewers. Keep yourself in a relaxed state of mind and dress up in a presentable manner. The interviewers are looking for intelligence (intellectual and emotional), communication skills, honesty, passion for design, genuine interest, ethics, energy, imagination etc. from the candidate. Justify why you deserve to be in, if asked but do so smartly, confidently and very important honestly. Try and be as natural as possible. The interviewers can quickly make out if the candidate is faking or covering up.


What is a portfolio ?
Portfolio is a compilation of your best works, arranged in an order to show your interests and talents . It presents your strengths in the graphic form of text and illustrations. A well tailored portfolio is the most important tool you can bring to an interview to promote yourself. It distinguishes you from your competitors .

How important is Portfolio Review ?
It plays an important role in the final selection. A candidate must carry a collection of his/her original work which may include manual drawing and sketching, photographs, computer layouts etc. A candidate must have complete knowledge about his/her work and all the work must be presented very neatly & creatively.

NID DAT Mains for B.Design and GDPD 2020

The DAT Mains for these programmes may consist of tests in different formats such as drawing/sketching, hands-on model making, group discussions, presentations etc. These will be marked out of 100 points and will be conducted in English. The test centre will be NID Ahmedabad.

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How much time do we get to answer one question in NATA Online Test

Students generally get around 50 seconds / question. Though for difficult ones , upto 90 seconds are also provided....(More)

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How to choose a good coaching class for Nata ?

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Do I need to be from Science Stream to be eligible to appear for Nata ?

To appear for Nata, you should only fulfil one condition: You should have passed Standard X or equivalent examinations.    But to be eligible for admission for B.Arch course you need to fulfil 3 more conditions You should have min...(More)

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There is no negative marking in Nata Online Test. But the final score of Online Test depends on the average difficulty level of all questions and of those questions answered correctly. This test is computer adaptive which means that when a student gi...(More)

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Some topics to prepare can include Profit & Loss, Time and Work, Mensuration, Ratio & Proportion, Average, Percentage, Time Speed & Distance, Simple Interest & Compound Interest etc....(More)

How to prepare for architectural awareness portion in nata aesthetic sensitivity test as the list of architects & their works is huge ?

Agreed , The list is huge ! But this difficulty can be overcome easily, if you are accompanied by Genuine interest in Architecture                    ...(More)

How many questions do we get in Nata Aptitude Test ?

Nata Online Test consists of 40 questions...(More)

What is asked in Nata Online Test ?

Nata Exam comprises of two portions: Nata Online Test & Nata Drawing Test. Both carry equal marks ( 100 Marks ) and are equally important. The constituents of Nata Online Test or Nata Aptitude Test as it is popularly known are as under: Archit...(More)

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Can Commerce Students appear for Nata 2019?

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