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We welcome contributions in the form of online education guest posts in the Design / Architecture education niche. We invite content producers with exceptional writing skills and expertise in the subject to share their knowledge with a large audience of students, parents and professionals who would love to hear from you.


These guidelines are designed to help you understand what we accept and don’t accept for inclusion in our article/blog post database. Before you submit to our site, we ask that you read them first.


Article should have minimum 600-800 words. Longer articles with 800-1500 words have a better chance of getting published. Well researched content with 2-3 images is preferable.


We accept unique, unpublished content written specially for our website. Your article should be well researched on topics that are helpful to our niche audience. The article must have proper English, which includes proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure. Avoid complicated words, keep it simple as majority of the audience is students. Don’t use long sentences, make use of bullets. An introduction and conclusion to the main article is preferable. Use H1, H2 etc. tags for Headings. We are strictly against plagiarism and we do not accept auto-generated content.

If the article is making any claims, you should provide reference for the same. All images should be copyright-free or should be owned by you. You can make your article interesting by supporting it with industry data, stats, case studies etc.

Following are a list of things that should not be there in your article

1. Must not contain topics that have already been covered in our blogpost. Please have a look at our blog post section before submitting an article.

2. Must not contain information that promotes unethical internet activities, business practices or anything that would create a poor user experience for web users.

3. Must not contain unattributed content to which the author does not have exclusive rights.

4. Must not contain negative content towards any product, company, individual, or group.

5. Must not contain profanity or pornographic material.

6. Must not contain illegal or overly controversial content.

7. Must not contain rehashed content, or material overly similar to your prior submissions.

8. We do not allow you to republish your guest post to your blog, LinkedIn, Medium or afterward. We only publish articles which are exclusive to our site.

Just a few examples of topics for guest posts include:

Design Education

B.Arch Admission Process

Career in Design


Stuffing keywords in the title or body of an article sounds repetitive and reads awkwardly, therefore special attention should be given to ensure you monitor your keyword repetition. It is important to make sure the article reads naturally.

We strictly follow content guidelines from Google regarding link spamming and abuse of guest article distribution for the purpose of spammy link building. Please do not put excessive number of links just for the sake of building large number of  backlinks. We do not provide links to low-quality websites, spammy websites, adult websites, online gaming websites, or any other website that we think can harm our website’s search engine ranking. Articles created by SEO companies for the purpose of link building business are straightaway rejected as they do not meet our quality expectations. Please provide only  two genuine links to your company website or personal blog , to avoid rejection of your article.  Normally, we retain a link for 1 year. It can also exceed the duration, depending on the discretion of our editorial team.


We charge a publishing fee for commercial content . If you are interested in posting commercial content, please contact us on to discuss pricing and options.


If you can publish one of our guest articles on your websites with a link to our website, we can also have your article published on our website providing you with a backlink. The website in which you publish our article should be equally qualified and authentic.


Please Note:

By submitting your article(s) / blog post(s) to us;

1. You declare that you are the sole owner and author of the article and own 100% of all copyrights pertaining to it.

2. Your submission to gives unconditional permission for us to publish your article /blog post on the website.

3. It is the team’s sole decision as to whether your article / blog post is published and for how long. There are no guarantees made that your article / blog post will be published. We reserve the right to remove your article / blog post and/or account at any time for any reason.

4. The Editorial Team reserves the right to re-classify your article / blog post in a topic /category that may be more suitable than originally submitted.

5. If your article / blog post does not conform to the Articles editorial guidelines, our editors may edit your article so that it does conform to the posted editorial guidelines. Please read our guidelines before submitting your articles to save time and speed the article approval process.

6. We at reserve the right to include calls-to-action to  content, including but not limiting to email   newsletters, eBooks and other downloadable content and media.

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Is Jee B.Arch related with NATA exam ?

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How much time do we get to answer one question in NATA Online Test

Students generally get around 50 seconds / question. Though for difficult ones , upto 90 seconds are also provided....(More)

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Decide the date on which you want to appear for Nata Exam. Visit & choose a region convenient to you. You will be alloted any one of the test centres within that region based on availability of your selec...(More)

How to choose a good coaching class for Nata ?

One must be very careful while choosing a Coaching Institute for NATA, as it is the first step towards your career, and must be correct. The following criteria is very important while choosing a Coaching Institute for Nata : Appropriately skilled ...(More)

Do I need to be from Science Stream to be eligible to appear for Nata ?

To appear for Nata, you should only fulfil one condition: You should have passed Standard X or equivalent examinations.    But to be eligible for admission for B.Arch course you need to fulfil 3 more conditions You should have min...(More)

Is there negative marking in NATA Online Test ?

There is no negative marking in Nata Online Test. But the final score of Online Test depends on the average difficulty level of all questions and of those questions answered correctly. This test is computer adaptive which means that when a student gi...(More)

I have to appear for Nata in 2017……Can u provide some tips. ?

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What should be the minimum number of attempts or marks out of 150 to secure a GD/interview call for MFM (NIFT 2016) for its top 3 campuses. (Kindly reply earliest possible) Thank You.

NIFT offers 420 seats ( 30 seats in each campus ) through 14 campuses for Master of Fashion Management Course. The probability of getting into the top 3 campuses increases, if you manage to be among the top 90 students who appear for the exam. If you...(More)

What topics to prepare in Maths for Online Test of Nata ?

Some topics to prepare can include Profit & Loss, Time and Work, Mensuration, Ratio & Proportion, Average, Percentage, Time Speed & Distance, Simple Interest & Compound Interest etc....(More)

How to prepare for architectural awareness portion in nata aesthetic sensitivity test as the list of architects & their works is huge ?

Agreed , The list is huge ! But this difficulty can be overcome easily, if you are accompanied by Genuine interest in Architecture                    ...(More)

How many questions do we get in Nata Aptitude Test ?

Nata Online Test consists of 40 questions...(More)

What is asked in Nata Online Test ?

Nata Exam comprises of two portions: Nata Online Test & Nata Drawing Test. Both carry equal marks ( 100 Marks ) and are equally important. The constituents of Nata Online Test or Nata Aptitude Test as it is popularly known are as under: Archit...(More)

Which GK book is best for NID preparation?

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What are the big changes in Nata 2019?

Hi Megha, First Big Change: This year, Nata will be conducted twice all over the country ie. on 14th April 2019 and 7th July 2019. This announcement is a great relief for Nata Aspirants as now they have more time for Nata preparations after the...(More)

Can Commerce Students appear for Nata 2019?

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