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Hello Friends,

A lot of students preparing for Nata can't attend classroom coaching due to different reasons: some are living in small cities with no access to quality education. Others are preparing for multiple competitive exams, leaving them with no time to attend any classes. Our friend Nikki also faced a similar problem. Lets see how she found a solution.....


This is the journey of Nikki & how she achieved her dream career in architecture. Nikki is in Class XII & she aspires to be an architect. The small town she lives in, does not offer good coaching classes or any other platform where she can enhance her skills. It is impossible for her to attend classroom coaching in faraway cities as she also needs to focus on her Class 12 studies. Nikki does not know how to prepare for architecture entrance exams?

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NATA Study Materials

NATA Study Material

NATA Books: Available in Full, Mini, Combo & Test Series Pack. Doorstep delivery across India.

NATA eBooks

NATA eBooks

Study at Home with Nata eBooks! Instant Downloadable Material. Saves Time. Learn at your own pace!

NATA Online Video 


NATA Video Coaching

NATA Video Coaching: Engaging Video Lessons supported by E-Books. Instant Downloadable.

NATA Free Online Test

NATA Free Online Test

Free NATA Online Test based on Nata Exam Pattern - Includes Timer, Detailed Results & Answer Key.


Then she comes to know about Mosaic Institute’s Video Coaching. She enrolls for the classes immediately. Now she can prepare for NATA from the comforts of her home. She finds the coaching very interesting & helpful as all the videos come with narrations & Explanations. She can install the Mosaic App in her Tablet or Smartphone, And can access the videos with supporting eBooks, 24 by 7. She can Pause–Replay–Relearn the videos any number of times. The videos cover key topics prepared by expert teachers which helps Nikki improve in her weak areas. 

Nikki can access quality education even from a remote small town. Nikki cleared Nata with very good marks…she is now studying in one of the best architecture colleges in India. Nikki realized her dreams. What about you ?

Friends, like Nikki, if you don't have access to good coaching classes in your city. Or your time schedule does not match with the classes, then Nata Online Video Coaching is a good option for you. Lets explore more:




  • FORMAT: Online Video Coaching by experts. Engaging Video Lessons. Rich Animations for better learning & retention.
  • DELIVERY TIME: Instant Downloadable Videos & Study Material
  • VALIDITY: 12 Months
  • VIDEO RUNS ON: Works on both Mobile Phone & Tablet having Android Version above 4.4.2

                                      Once downloaded, no internet connectivity required to access videos & learning material.

The Videos are available under different Packages. You can access the videos anytime-anywher according to your convenience. Here comes the details:


1. Nata Question Bank Pack    

Contains 17 videos:

Series Test, Analogy Test, Classification Test, Blood Relation Test, Coding Decoding Test, Direction Test - 1, Direction Test - 2, Venn Diagram Test, Cube & Dice Test, Paper Cutting & Folding Test, Mirror Image Test, Counting of Shapes Test, Counting of Surfaces Test, Embedded Figure Test, Formation of Figures Test, Completion of Figures Test, Completion of Figures from Paper Cut Out Test

2. Nata Material & Construction Pack 

Contains 15 Videos:

Types of Doors, Doors & Windows, Bricks, Staircase, Joints, Stone, Arches, Roofs, Types of Bricks, Wood, Metals, Cement, Ventillation, Machines, Equipments & Tools, Measurements

3. Nata Architectural GK Pack

Contains 3 Videos:

Forces, Architectural Terms - I, Architectural Terms - II 

4. Nata Colour Theory Pack

Contains 31 videos:

Colour Wheel, Colour Theory, Colour Psychology

5. Nata Architectural Awareness Pack  

Contains 31 videos:

History of Indian Architecture - I, History of Indian Architecture - II, History of Indian Architecture - III, History of Indian Architecture - IV, History of World Architecture - I, History of World Architecture - II, History of World Architecture - III, Famous Architects & Their Works - I, Famous Architects & Their Works - II, Important Indian Buildings - I, Important Indian Buildings - 2, Important Indian Buildings - 3, Important Indian Buildings - 4,  Important Indian Buildings - 5, Important Indian Buildings - 6, Important Indian Buildings - 7,  Important Indian Buildings - 8, 18. Important Indian Buildings - 9, Important Indian Buildings - 10,  Important Indian Buildings - 11, Important Indian Buildings - 12, Important Indian Buildings - 13,  Important Indian Buildings - 14, Important Indian Buildings - 15, Important Indian Buildings - 16,  Important Indian Buildings - 17, Important Indian Buildings - 18, Important Indian Buildings - 19, Important Indian Buildings - 20, Important Indian Buildings - 21, Important Indian Buildings - 22


Nata Basics of Drawing Pack

Contains 5 Videos:

Drawing Symmetrical Objects, Geometrical Forms, Understanding Plans & Elevations, Techniques in Drawing, Perspectives & Foreshortening

Nata 5 Perspective Pack

Contains 5 Videos:

How to Draw One Point Perspective, How to Draw Two Point Perspective, How to Draw Three Point Perspective, How to Draw Four Point Perspective, How to Draw Five Point Perspective

Nata How to Draw Humans Pack

Contains 9 Videos:

Human Anatomy, Proportions & Backgrounds, Action Figures, How to Draw Human Face - Front View, How to Draw Human Face - Side View, How to Draw Human Face - 3/4 View, Human Face from Different Angles, Depicting Age, Expressions & Emotions 

Nata Basics of a Good Composition Pack

Contains 4 Videos:

What is a Composition, 2D Composition, 3D Composition, Thematic Composition 

Nata Drawing Bank Pack

Contains 3 Videos:

How to Draw Animals - I, How to Draw Animals - II, How to Draw Vehicles

Nata The Language of Design Pack

Contains 4 Videos:

Elements of Design, Principles of Design, Art & Culture, Anthropometry

Nata How to be more Creative Pack

Contains 2 Videos:

Creativity, Observation 

Nata Rendering made easy Pack

Contains 5 Videos:

Rendering Portrait in Pencil, Rendering Portrait in Dry Pastel, Rendering Landscape in Pencil Colours, Rendering Still Object in Wax Crayons, Light & Shadow

About the Author: Anu Handa is an Interior Designer, DIY Artist, Co-Founder and Educator at Mosaic Institute of Design. She has been the lead blogpost writer at since 2009. Her educational background in Interior Design, Urban Planning and the English Language has given her a broad base to cover a range of topics in her articles. Anu has spent 15+ years training Design & B.Arch Aspirants for entrance exams.

Passionate about Design Education, she’s briefly worked with Annamalai University as a paper setter for Design Exams. Likes to write about Design, Architecture and related fields, on online platforms like Quora. Aims at challenging the conventional & age old teaching methodology 


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