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Que. : Which GK book is best for NID preparation?

Answer :

General Awareness questions asked in NID Dat Prelims, are not routine questions found in GK & Current Awareness books.

Time & again, we have been educating students on the importance of observational GK in NID Exams.

This is not something that can be mugged up from a book in a day or two (Though you may find 1 or 2 questions like that)

Candidates need to develop a good sense of observation: Routine mundane objects & events, nothing extraordinary.

For example, if you are waiting at a signal, look around - vehicles, people, the food stalls, trees, the policemen, bus stop, even the cobbler or the chaiwala on the pavement.

Pay attention with all your senses...if you are observing a street side food may observe the structure of the stall, the graphics...utensils....the make shift cooking & serving utensils, the aroma of the food & the list goes on.

Slowly & steadily your awareness of things around you will grow.....objects which were already there but you never paid much attention to. 

I have written detailed articles with examples on the topic of NID GK.

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