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Tips to Answer NID B.Design G.K. Questions


NID exam pattern is unpredictable and keeps on changing with every coming year, sometimes taking the aspiring candidates by surprise.

But believe me, it's super fun.

Also, don't you think it will be quite boring to answer a design exam following a predictable pattern!!


Current Pattern: MCQs and Subjective questions

We can notice a deliberate attempt to break away from a fixed pattern in all previous NID Papers, but this does not mean that “Solving Previous Years Papers of NID” will not help – It definitely will.

This is because irrespective of the paper pattern, all questions are designed to check students aptitude for creativity and level of awareness in a limited period of time.


But NID Aspirants should solve old papers with an aim to exercise their creative muscles without any expectation of finding repititive pattern in number of questions, type of questions etc. as is the case with other exams.



This unexpected nature of NID DAT makes many students nervous.

For example, some time back the MCQ's were for 70% weightage & subjective questions for 30%, but as soon as the students adapted to the new pattern, NID again changed the pattern.....without informing.

In the year 2019, NID B.Des DAT had 30% weightage for MCQ's and 70% for subjective questions. So, its advisable not to take NID pattern for granted, it can change at any time without prior notice.


The topic for todays post is not creativity. We have already dealt with this topic in our previous posts.

You can read more herehere & here.

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Today we’ll discuss the importance of theory questions in NID DAT

Any NID Aspirant may ask....

Question: Why ask theory questions to check creativity?

Answer: Now, these questions were not always part of NID DAT. Before the year 2009, hardly any theory questions were asked.

But in the year 2009, NID DAT became NEED & theory questions became an important part of the exam also contributing a significant bulk to the total weightage.


Coming back to the above question – “Why ask theory questions to check creativity ?”

This is because apart from creative skills, the exam also aims to check an individual’s observation skill, aptitude & awareness levels.


This can be done in the form of either drawing questions or theory questions.

Students generally ask....

Question: Which books to refer to prepare for this portion?

Answer: General Knowledge books available in the market for various competitive exams are not recommended even though they provide you with a lot of information.

This is because a well compiled G.K. book provides students with facts but will not teach them to use logic or aptitude.


Lets make this more clear with an example.

A question asked in NID DAT Paper 2015 – 16 goes like this:


Question: Solar Eclipse is new moon then lunar eclipse is _________

Answer: Cramming G.K. books will be of no help in such questions.

Let's first solve this question. It is a question on analogy.


Solar Eclipse commonly known as “Surya Grahana” in Hindi and happens only on new moon night or “ Amavasya .”

But Lunar Eclipse or “Chandra Grahana” happens on full moon night or “ Purnima .” So the answer is "Full Moon."

This is further explained in the diagrams below:

Are you preparing for NID?

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 Geometry of a Solar Eclipse

                                                                         Geometry of a Solar Eclipse 

 Geometry of a Lunar Eclipse

                                                                             Geometry of a Lunar Eclipse

If we look closely, we can find many similar questions in previous papers.

You can find previous papers of NID here.


And if we pay more attention we can conclude that subjects chosen for the above questions and the likes are framed keeping in mind the topics a class XII student is exposed to on regular basis.


These themes are happening all around us: either being taught in school or can be found in the daily news.

Only what is required is a curios mind, a keen sense of observation and high level of awareness.


Sadly, it can’t be developed overnight but has to be built over a period of time with regular practice.

Other variety of questions are based on Analytical & Logical Ability.


These can be Numerical, Verbal or Non Verbal.

Generally these questions are not part of school curriculum.


So, a good practice with varying level of difficulties, before the exam is advisable.

Another type of question goes like this:


NID Theory Question

The beauty of these questions lies in the inexactness of the answers: the fact that such questions can have multiple answers and all can be correct.

One thing is clear – you can’t prepare for NID Test the same way you prepare for Medical or Engineering entrance test.


Some spontaneous options suggested by students:

(Note: Since this is from a previous year question paper, the prices are taken as prevailing in those times.) 

OPTION I: “I’ll drink tea & buy vada pav from a local vendor.”

Not a clever choice: Shows the student is not aware of the market prices as a cup of tea costs between Rs. 10-12 and vada pav around Rs. 15-20. Still more money is needed for the rest of the day.


OPTION II: “ I’ll keep fast for the day.”

Instead of focusing on the problem and finding a solution, the student is looking for the easier way out. This option fails to highlight the problem solving ability of the student.

OPTION III: The plan for the day is given below:


Breakfast: I’ll eat a small pack of Glucose Biscuits ( Parle – G costs just Rs. 2 ) along with half cup tea costing Rs. 6 for breakfast.

This will provide me with enough energy for the starting of the day.

Will search for a local Dhaba ( eatery ) which is short of staff for the day.

Will offer services from 5pm – 10pm, in exchange for dinner.


In – Between: Indian afternoons are generally hot.

Will rest at the nearest mall to conserve my energy for the day ( All Shopping Malls are Air – Conditioned with safe R.O. drinking water and clean washrooms.)


Lunch : Will visit a Mandir or Gurudwara and eat the Prasad for lunch.


Evening Snack: Another pack of Glucose Biscuit.


Dinner : Will offer help at a local Dhaba (eatery) in exchange for food.

If I get lucky, I may also get tips.


Another option to earn some money:

Offering portrait making services to people visiting malls or places of tourist attractions.


Since I'm a Design Aspirant, my sketching skills are good.

Leftover amount of Rs. 10 will be used on public transport for commuting in the daytime.


This option provides a detailed and well thought of plan for the day. With little improvements, it can qualify to be the most eligible answer.



Two pre-requisits to answer the above question:

  • Awareness: About prevailing food prices of your local market.

          How you can be more aware?

          Try to do things independently, you can start with small tasks like grocery shopping.

  • Problem Solving Ability & Creativity : Your solutions should be unique & creative ie. You need to think different from the rest of your competition. 

           How to increase your problem solving skills?

           Look around your home or your neighbourhood, see if people are facing any problem on daily basis.

           Try to find out workable & economical solutions

Also read this blog on "How to Increase your Observation Skills?"

Do check out Mosaic's Entrance Material for NID, if you need more help

Good Luck with your preparations!!



About the Author: Meet Anu Handa – Interior Designer turned Edupreneur, Blogger and co-founder at Mosaic Institute of Design. Anu has spent 15+ years training Design & B.Arch Aspirants for entrance exams.

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She has been the lead blogpost writer at since 2009. Her educational background in Interior Design, Urban Planning and the English Language has given her a broad base to cover a range of topics in her articles.

Passionate about Design Education, she likes to write about Design, Architecture and related fields on online platforms. Aims at challenging the conventional & age old teaching methodology.

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