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Why Study Design?


Updated: Oct 31, 2021

I have studied Interior Design.

Always wanted to do so.


It was the year 2000.

Back then, there were not many options available in India....


Limited design disciplines available to study

Limited colleges offering design education.

Limited career opportunities.


But the design education industry has been through a complete overhaul.....

Definitely for the good.


Let's understand the design education scenario in the country.

Read the complete article if you aspire to study design.



"Design can be defined as a specification of an object, manifested by an agent, intended to accomplish goals, in a particular environment, using a set of primitive components, satisfying a set of requirements, subject to constraints; to create a design, in an environment."


Let's uncomplicate the above definition.

Whatever stream of design you choose to, interior, UX/UI, they all have the following in common:

  • Design solves problems.
  • It is the culmination of the aesthetic & functional.
  • Every design has scope for improvement.
  • Design is subjective.

The field of design is vast & there are numerous career options available.


You can choose from the following careers in design 


Few careers can claim to be as creative as art & design.

You will be paid to think creatively at all times.


There is also an unrivalled sense of satisfaction & achievement in seeing your ideas come to life in the finished product.

Are the above reasons sufficient if you are considering a career in design?

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  • Over the years design has seen extensive growth. In terms of salaries, job growth and work satisfaction, Design is one of the hottest professions in today’s times.
  • Generally people around us treat work as a chore or a job which needs to be done in order to make a living. In this process they find the monotony of the job & timings very boring. But if you talk to people working in art & design fields, you'll find that they all really love their work. Being "creative & artistic" is something they have developed a special interest in during their studies, pursued as a hobby, or have always enjoyed doing as they grew up. And now they're getting paid to do what they really love doing! As well as being a fun career, art & design also make other things fun.
  • But the above will not suffice for a successful career in design. What is required is passion for the subject and an undying quest to explore the unexplored. 
  • Don't choose the field because of the glamour and oomph associated with it, because a lot of hardwork and relentless number of working hours are required behind-the-scenes.


An aspirant for the field of design should have the following qualities

  • Good creative & imagination skills.
  • Flair for designing.
  • Innovative thinking
  • Good drawing / sketching ability, though not really important but is beneficial.
  • Sound aesthetics
  • Eye for detail
  • Good Observational Skills
  • Genuine interest for DESIGN





There are lots of opportunities in the field of design for students as the sectors needing highly skilled and innovative professionals are increasing by the day. Spending power & lifestyle of people are increasing with the nation's progress, so is the demand for designers. Future in design holds great scope and infinite possibilities for talented individuals. This makes Design a very competitive field with healthy career prospects.

Scope & Prospects for designers can be in the following fields.

  • Manufacturing
  • Design firms or corporations
  • Government Sector
  • Freelancing
  • Own venture.
  • Education

So, if you feel, you have what it takes to be a designer, go ahead and take the plunge...... the field has vast opportunities and great potential.

Good Luck!!

About the Author: Anu Handa is an Interior Designer, DIY Artist, Co-Founder and Educator at Mosaic Institute of Design. She has been the lead blogpost writer at since 2009. Her educational background in Interior Design, Urban Planning and the English Language has given her a broad base to cover a range of topics in her articles. Anu has spent 15+ years training Design & B.Arch Aspirants for entrance exams.

Passionate about Design Education, she’s briefly worked with Annamalai University as a paper setter for Design Exams. Likes to write about Design, Architecture and related fields, on online platforms like Quora. Aims at challenging the conventional & age old teaching methodology 


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