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Preparing for Nata ?

Are you planning to purchase Nata Study Material ? Wait……..Read the following guidelines before making a decision.


  1. Content – Ask questions related to detail of the content. Separate books dedicated to drawing, creativity and perspective drawing are provided or not.
  2. Topics – All the topics of Nata Online Test and Nata Drawing Test should be covered in detail.

Topics Include:

  • Architectural Awareness
  • Perspective Drawing
  • Maths
  • Analytical reasoning & Mental Ability
  • 3D Visualization
  • Colour Theory
  • Drawing Basics
  • Advanced drawing & Rendering
NATA Study Materials

NATA Study Material

NATA Books: Available in Full, Mini, Combo & Test Series Pack. Doorstep delivery across India.

NATA Classroom Coaching

Classroom Coaching

Do you really need Classroom coaching to crack NATA. Think Again!

NATA Online Video Coaching

NATA Video Coaching

NATA Video Coaching: Engaging Video Lessons supported by E-Books. Instant Downloadable.

NATA Free Online Test

NATA Free Online Test

Mosaic offers free NATA Online Test with Timer, Detail Results and Answer Key.

  1. Publisher – Its always advisable to purchase the material from a reputed coaching institute. As they are dedicated to the field totally, they generally have the infrastructure and faculties to produce quality material. Also, don’t forget to check Nata Results of previous batches.
  2. Website – Check out the website of the coaching institute for students testimonials, Nata Online Test Reviews etc. A website reflects the credibility of the institute. If the website is updated , chances are that the course material is also updated. A good website generally runs blogs and forums to help the student community.
  3. Number of Books – Individual books should be dedicated to separate topics like analytical ability, sketching, architectural awareness etc. This means more the number of books, more detailed content.
  4. Test Series, Solved Papers & CD – No study material kit is complete without Nata previous year papers : Solved & Unsolved. CD’s to include pics of historical & famous buildings of the world.
  5. Time Taken for Delivery – An effective and prompt courier service is always welcome.




Key Features for Nata Full Study Material by Mosaic

Includes 16 books covering all topics for Nata Exam 2020 / 2021 - Online & Drawing Test.




1. Sketch Development – 1


Basic drawing & rendering, Elements & Principles of Design, Introduction to Colours, Colour Vocabulary, Colour Wheel, Warm colours, Cool colours, Colour Schemes, Colour Pshycology, Optical Illusions

2. How to draw Humans


Detailed Human Study with step by step guidance

3. Drawing Bank

Advanced drawing & rendering

4. Question Bank


Orthographic Projections - Visualising three dimensional from two dimensional drawings. Visualising different sides of 3 dimensional objects.

Analytical Reasoning &

Mental Ability - Analogy Test, Counting of figures, Mirror Image, Completion of Figures, Series Test, Classification Test, Cube & Dice Test, Formation of Figures Test, Embedded Figure Test,Paper Cutting & Folding Test, Counting of Surfaces Test

5. Creativity Enhancement

Creative exercises to boost your imagination & visualization skills

6. History of World Architecture

Architectural Awareness - Historical & Contemporary Buildings – World

Buildings, Architects, Location, etc.

7. Prominent Buildings Of the World – I

8. Prominent Buildings Of the World – II

9. Architectural Encyclopedia

Material used. Commonly used building material based on colour & textural qualities.

10. Perspective Drawing

How to draw 1 point perspective, 2 point perspective, 3 point perspective, 4 point perspective & 5 point perspective

11. NATA Test papers

Over 150 original Nata previous year papers


12. NATA Solved Test Papers

100 solved papers of Nata Drawing Test


13. NATA Mock GAT Papers

12 mock Nata General Aptitude Test Papers with Answers.

14. Nata Mock Drawing Test Papers Pack of 12 Tests
15. Nata Mock Mathematics Test Papers Pack of 10 Tests
16. Mathematics Mathematics Book 



  • Multimedia Enriched Study Material - C.D. containing over 2000 pictures for Architectural Awareness
  • Online Support & Guidance – Feedback & Assistance on scanned Works.



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