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Hello Friends, Most of you are finished with your Board Exams & have already started preparation for NATA 2016. We receive a large number of questions from Nata Aspirants seeking help in preparation. If you also have any queries or doubts relating to Nata, ask our experts in the Forum Section.

For the benefit of student community at large, we have started this free coaching series. It will contain free to download nata sample papers with answers, preparation tips & hints to crack Nata.

Sharing with you, some Nata previous year question papers

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NATA Study Material

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Classroom Coaching

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NATA Video Coaching

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NATA Free Online Test

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Q1. Imagine you are an infant in a cradle and your mother is giving you a toy. Draw the view. Render in pencil only.


nata previous year question papers


Special Note: You have to draw this view from the perspective of the infant. Partial ceiling & walls will be visible. Things closer to the infant will appear bigger ie. The pair of keys, doll and mother’s hand.

Q2. Make an interesting 2-D fruit basket and fill in with an interesting colour scheme.


Comments:  This fruit basket looks interesting with the choice of correct colours scheme. Also care should be taken as to choose dry medium in exams. They score high on saving time and are less messy than water or postal colours


Q3. Using 5 glasses and two bowls, create an interesting three dimensional and stable structure in the space given below. Also show the effect of light and shadow.


Questions involving structure should always require special attention. Here, stability is more important than the aesthetic appearance. As a rule, heavy objects stay at the bottom and lighter ones go up


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