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I have to appear for Nata in 2017……Can u provide some tips. ?

Asked by Chirag Bhojani

This is a very commonly asked question by Nata Aspirants. Click 10 useful tips to score high marks in Nata. Hope this Helps !    ...(More)

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Is there negative marking in NATA Online Test ?

Asked by Ekta Patel

There is no negative marking in Nata Online Test. But the final score of Online Test depends on the average difficulty level of all questions and of those questions answered correctly. This test is computer adaptive which means that when a student gi...(More)

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Do I need to be from Science Stream to be eligible to appear for Nata ?

Asked by Shilpa Patel

To appear for Nata, you should only fulfil one condition: You should have passed Standard X or equivalent examinations.    But to be eligible for admission for B.Arch course you need to fulfil 3 more conditions You should have min...(More)

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How to choose a good coaching class for Nata ?

Asked by Shubham Patel

One must be very careful while choosing a Coaching Institute for NATA, as it is the first step towards your career, and must be correct. The following criteria is very important while choosing a Coaching Institute for Nata : Appropriately skilled ...(More)

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How to choose a test centre for Nata ?

Asked by Alpesh iMakani

Decide the date on which you want to appear for Nata Exam. Visit & choose a region convenient to you. You will be alloted any one of the test centres within that region based on availability of your selec...(More)

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How many Test Centres are there in Gujarat for Nata ?

Asked by Ronak Patel

Here is a complete list of Nata Test Centres in Gujarat . They get activated for different time durations from April to July every year.        ...(More)

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How much time do we get to answer one question in NATA Online Test

Asked by Arvind Nagpal

Students generally get around 50 seconds / question. Though for difficult ones , upto 90 seconds are also provided....(More)

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Is Jee B.Arch related with NATA exam ?

Asked by Nilesh Patel

JEE B.Arch and NATA are not related, except for the fact that both are entrance exams conducted for admission to 5 year B.Arch degree. NATA is conducted by Council of Architecture whereas JEE B.Arch is conducted by CBSE. There are some selected colle...(More)

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