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Is it compulsory to give Nata if I have to pursue architecture as a career option in India?

Asked by Neha Darji


Can Commerce Students appear for Nata 2019?

Asked by Rashi Singh

According to Nata 2019 Admission Notification, students having Physics, Chemistry and Maths with in Class 12th are only eligible. So this cancels out the Commerce Students. Don't worry! You can still appear for Design Exams like NID and NIFT. You can...(More)

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What are the big changes in Nata 2019?

Asked by Megha Talwar

Hi Megha, First Big Change: This year, Nata will be conducted twice all over the country ie. on 14th April 2019 and 7th July 2019. This announcement is a great relief for Nata Aspirants as now they have more time for Nata preparations after the...(More)

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How is NID Jorhat? Is it a good choice to pursue GDPD?

Asked by A

NID Jorhat will be operational from Academic Year 2019 - 2020. Like any other recently established institute, things will take time to settle in initially, but don't forget that the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion has announced the co...(More)

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Which GK book is best for NID preparation?

Asked by Neha

General Awareness questions asked in NID Dat Prelims, are not routine questions found in GK & Current Awareness books. Time & again, we have been educating students on the importance of observational GK in NID Exams. This is not something tha...(More)

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What is asked in Nata Online Test ?

Asked by Hasmit

Nata Exam comprises of two portions: Nata Online Test & Nata Drawing Test. Both carry equal marks ( 100 Marks ) and are equally important. The constituents of Nata Online Test or Nata Aptitude Test as it is popularly known are as under: Archit...(More)

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How many questions do we get in Nata Aptitude Test ?

Asked by Neha

Nata Online Test consists of 40 questions...(More)

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How to prepare for architectural awareness portion in nata aesthetic sensitivity test as the list of architects & their works is huge ?

Asked by Vipul Patel

Agreed , The list is huge ! But this difficulty can be overcome easily, if you are accompanied by Genuine interest in Architecture                    ...(More)

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What topics to prepare in Maths for Online Test of Nata ?

Asked by Sanjay Shah

Some topics to prepare can include Profit & Loss, Time and Work, Mensuration, Ratio & Proportion, Average, Percentage, Time Speed & Distance, Simple Interest & Compound Interest etc....(More)

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What should be the minimum number of attempts or marks out of 150 to secure a GD/interview call for MFM (NIFT 2016) for its top 3 campuses. (Kindly reply earliest possible) Thank You.

Asked by Ada sheikh

NIFT offers 420 seats ( 30 seats in each campus ) through 14 campuses for Master of Fashion Management Course. The probability of getting into the top 3 campuses increases, if you manage to be among the top 90 students who appear for the exam. If you...(More)

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